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Located in the Middle Section of Dongfu Road, Xingfu Town, Boxing County, Binzhou, Shandong Province.Shandong Boxing Chenxing Steel Co., Ltd. is located within Xingfu Industrial Park that draws a total investment of 26.8 million and covers a land area of 27 mu and a floorage of 9000 square meters. It is a processing and manufacturing company that is specialized at producing coated steel roll and its products. It is specialized at steel plate coating and production of coated steel roll...

          • According to data in Annual Report of Coating Industry (2015 edition) to be printed, marketing price of color coated plate in 2015 were nosediving. Though the yearly output was basically consistent with that in 2014, yet its yearly decline range of marketing price reached over 30% and some product in Boxing County even saw a dropping range by over 6%. Against this backdrop, average unit price for exported product dropped by 147.15 USD/t or by around 20% when compared with that in 2014.